Connecting with your client

June 7, 2015

In this tutorial it is my aim, not only to help you understand studio lighting better, but to make you realise that better images can be achieved if you can merely connect with your subject. A photograph is more than just some data on a sensor ( or a chemical reaction on a roll of film for that matter), but it is a means of communication. Through a photograph, you can know what happened at a particular place without being there physically, you can know what someone was feeling without them having to tell you, you can even relive those beautiful moments you once experienced.


A picture afterall, does speak a thousand words.


In this particular image I used three lights to achieve this shot. Two studio lights with reflective umbrellas and a background light to brighten my background.

 The light setup is quite simple really. My lights were set on 1/8 and were more or less the same distance apart. This gives me a 1:1 light ratio. I used a Sekonic L-308 light meter to determine my exposure and the session began. But what stands out with this particular image is not the lighting in particular, its the facial expression of the model as she was laughing at some or other silly comment that I passed to get her to relax. It's important to bring out the best in your clients and to get them as relaxed as possible in front of your lens. By so doing, you get unique expressions that you would not get by constructing poses and lighting setups! Connection is important.


Get your clients to feel valued and beautiful/handsome. The more relaxed you are, the more that aura or energy radiates to them, and the more relaxed they get.


One more thing...

Know your gear! Know it very well. This will allow you to worry less about your gear and to focus more on your clients. Know your gear and the limitations thereof.


You'll see at times that you capture a timeless moment, yet the pose or composition is not so technically correct. It's fine! If the client likes it, then it's a winner.


I hope this image inspires you to go out there and connect with your client. Learn your gear so that you can worry about it less during a shoot.



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