Creating an image vs Capturing one...

February 10, 2018

Explaining this shot is as layered as the image itself.

So, where to begin? Well, we're certainly proud of this one, and we were blessed to have this formidable venue, Avianto, that has so much to offer for a shoot. 


We had to capture this image within a matter of seconds because the bride and the groom were urgently needed back at the reception venue. To create this image,  we had to layer two images with different exposures. The one image was with the couple lit up with a flash and the second images was all natural light. Here are the two original images taken with the following EXIF data: 

 Nikon D4s + 24mm f1.4 (1/320 sec at f6.3, ISO 50)


 To achieve the final image, some rather simple wizardry was required in the digital darkroom. I converted the two images into layers. This allowed me to make desirable changes to the different aspects of the images as I please and it saved me alot of time and headaches in an attempt to clone my ever-so-committed assistant out. I then blended them and added a slightly more interesting "skyscape" that would compliment the warm tones of the building. 


When I shot this image, I knew exactly what needed to be done when I get home. I shot with the end product in mind. 

When one approaches a couple's shoot from a more photo journalistic perspective, some rather different results can be achieved. When the couple have no idea that you are shooting, you can get some genuine moments of joy and laughter.  I hope you have enjoyed this article as much as I did. 


Thank you


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